The way your characters interact with everyone else's characters, it's simple really. Feline Forest's roleplay is based off of (you guessed it!) Warrior Cats, which is made mostly for pre-teens and such. However you don't have to be a certain age, it's been noted recently that people of all ages enjoy roleplaying as these loveable animals. To view the full help section click here.



Acceptable Things

~ Studded collars, bandannas, feathers, floral accessories, bracelets, earings,

~ Red, blue, violet, yellow, green, amber, orange, gray, or brown eyes.

~ Black, golden, white, gray, silver, calico/tortoiseshell, brown, cream, red, orangeish, and very light blue colored fur.

~ Patterns such as tabby, calico, spots, socks, splashes, or really, any type of pattern.

 Non-Acceptable Things

~ Headbands, shoes, clothes, socks, any armbands with offensive material , hats

~ Eyes that change colors. Yea, like rainbows. o3o

~ Purple, pink, green, blue, or unatural colored fur.

~ Markings that are offensive or just unreal... like barbie shaped markings. Something not found in nature really.

It is asked that you refrain from copying descriptions, and no that doesn't mean pelt colour persay. It means directly copying scars, markings, etc from another person's character.


Acceptable Things

~ A cat having a rough past therefor being a bit nasty.

~ A cat that had switched its birth clan for its own reasons.

~ A wide expanse of personalities... sweet, funny, happy, flirty, smart, edgy, cautious, negative, ect.

 Non-Acceptable Things

~ A cat being evil. Killing their family, being a cannibal, ect.

~ A cat thats in like 500 clans at once. (You can have more than one account)

~ Cats who are gay, pure... like angel pure... impossible, cats that are pure evil, with human disorders, anything non-cat.

Personalities and occupation are fun as well! The thing that is recommended to do is to choose your clan first. Are you a noble ThunderClan cat, a clever RiverClan cat, a proud ShadowClan cat, a bloodthirsty BloodClan cat, or even an outcast? We recommend your character be based off you a bit so it'll be easy to roleplay them! Come on... we can't have sweet and optimistic cats being evil, can we?

Naming Your CharacterEdit

Acceptable Things

~ Clan and loner names that are normal. Like Bramble or somthing like Sunclaw.

~ Appropiate names.

~ Be sure to be real with clan names. Look at the list below for things you can use in your name! Or a name generator HERE.

~ Names with three words in it but thats the limit. (Bird's Pretty Song)

~ Names that include a cat terminology. Nature or feelings.

Non-Acceptable Things

~ Wannabe evil names such as Death or Bloodclaw.

~ Inappropiate names such as Snotnose or Semenkit.

~ Names like SunClaw. Clan names don't have two capitals... for example, Sunclaw is the right way.

~ Names that that have (Pretty she-cat) in the end. Just do your name, k?

~ Ridiculous names no one ever heard of... remember, these are cats. Things like Penciltail is a no. :/

A cat's name should be based off their description or personality. For instance, Rosepelt could be a she-cat with reddish fur. Or a cat named Pricklepaw could be grumpy. We don't want any murderer cats with the name of Tickle or nice cats by the name of Blood, now!

Also take note that the names should make sense. Cats have limited knowlege.... so they don't know of technology (Airplaneheart). A name with feelings or nature in them makes sense.

If you are a clan cat, kittens have 'kit' at the end of their name, apprentices have 'paw' at the end, and leaders have 'star' at the end. Be sure to not have a three phrased clan name. Midnightpoolcloud. Ok, thats plain stupid. :/


How to RoleplayEdit

Okay, everyone needs space for practice and hints if they want to be a respectful roleplayer. Thing is, if you don't know how to do this right, there's no way you'll be famous or respected! Lets begin, shall we?

Roleplay is basically acting. Or even writing a book. You need to be detailed, exciting! (No one wants to read a boring and non-detailed book, do they?) But be sure of this: a normal post should be around 5 sentences! (This means no "PADS IN" or no posts that break the shoutbox) A good example is somthing like this: Nightwish nodded in the direction of her apprentice, twitching her transluctant whiskers in amusent. "Oh yes, Sunpaw," she purred, smiling somewhat. "But you'll get in trouble," she meowed sternly, blue gaze still warm.

You must also remember your basic story writing skills. If your character is speaking put "'s at the begining and the end of what their saying. An action doesn't have "'s. Yes, exactly like a book.

DON'T use *'s, -'s or nothing at all! This will just create a noobish mess!! (*pads in* Hi!) NO! (She pads in. Hi!) NO! (Pads in. "Hi!") BETTER!

ALSO, GRAMMER!! No using slang words in your post (LOL, 2, G2G). Do books have that? No, they don't. Use periods at the end of your sentence and capitolize the beginings... its first grade crap, guys. :l

Their= Somthing that belongs to more than one person. "Their mom"

They're= Explaining more than one thing. "They're Awsome"

There= Place. "Go there!"

Now, for a warriors roleplay in particular, when a character is talking, instead of writing 'said', write:

It is also good to use warriors words:
Kittypet=House Cat
Housefolk=Kittypet word for owners
Workfolk=Kittypet word for constructions workers
To-Be=Tribe apprentice
Moon (Referring to time)=A month

Now for warriors expressions:
As bitter as mouse bile...
StarClan be with you...
May StarClan light your path...
Great StarClan!

Now, detail is somthing good as well! Here's some ideas to help get you started:

Thoughts and Feelings

How does your character feel right now? Sad? Angry? Happy? If sad, they can drag themselves with tears in their eyes... angry cats stomp in, and happy cats smile. If they are thinking, also add that between italics aka [i]Thought[/i]


What is the weather? Where is the character? Its always good to explain the setting around you. Like, explain how the sun's rays creep through the rain... or even burn you. Or how the rain wets your pelt. You could even explain your setting like how pretty the lake it, dense the forest, steep the hill, ect.

Your Character

Detail your character's expression, fur, and eyes! 'His green gaze shifted aroundHis gray pelt bristled'. Use that in your post so cats get what you look like and such!