The OwnersEdit

Dark Sin - The creator and main owner of Feline Forest. She's an incredibly nice person once you get to know here and loads of fun to chat with. She roleplays Nightwish, the ShadowClan medicine cat.

Whiskey - Second owner of the site, she makes a bunch of the graphics that are featured on the site and assists in coming up with and approving plots and prophecies. Over all she's a great friend and will stand by them until the end, she roleplays Rumblingpawr, ShadowClan apprentice.

Spork - Third owner of Feline Forest, she mostly adds people and helps in coming up with prophecies. Spork is an amazing friend and roleplayer(when she actually feels like roleplaying), many people can testify that she could be the best friend a person could ever have. She roleplays Spiritdance, warrior of ThunderClan.

Xat ModeratorsEdit

Moderators of FF's Xat.

Pawt - Creator of the Wiki, roleplays Squirreltuft of RiverClan.

Lolwut - Roleplays Silkstar of ShadowClan. Site Helper.

Leafsong - Roleplays ShadowClan deputy, Leafsong.