ThunderClan cats are broad and more powerfully built cats that can stalk through undergrowth easily. They are known to raise many of the legendary heros because of their natural noble and brave presence. This can also sometimes make them a target from other clans as miscounting them as weak and soft hearted.

Leader : None. ((Roleplay actively for a chance to get the role!))

Deputy : None.

Medicine Cat : None.


WindClan cats have very lithe bodies and long legs from being the swiftest cats of the forest. They are very loyal to what they believe in, sometimes being stubborn. WindClan is the closest to StarClan both physically and spiritually, giving them a very hopeful soul even in the darkest times.

Leader : None. ((Roleplay actively for a chance to get the role!))

Deputy : None.

Medicine Cat : None.


RiverClan cats have sleek pelts and strong legs. Although they are very clever, many other clans point to them as the overfed and lazy clan due to being well fed from the fish. RiverClan cats have the strength, brilliance, and grace of the waters and they are proud of it.

Leader : None. ((Roleplay actively for a chance to get the role!))

Deputy: None.

Medicine Cat : Squirreltuft (female, no mate) - Littlepaw


ShadowClan cats have very dark pelts from stalking silently through the shadows and leaping out unexpectedly. They are entitled into a world of darkness of secrets, known by other clans to have their hearts chilled from the cold north winds making them suspicious.

Leader : Silkstar (female, no mate) - Apprentice: Rumblingpaw

Deputy : Leafsong (female, no mate) - No Apprentice.

Medicine Cat : Patchfire (female, no mate) - Apprentice: Crimsonpaw